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Fostering Empathy for Military Children and their Pets

Join Dogs on Deployment for a heartwarming journey as we turn the pages of "Sometimes Love" by Katrina Moore, illuminating the lives of military children. Be a part of our mission to embrace the resilience of military children and offer support where it’s needed most. Let’s come together to read, relate, and uplift these young heroes in our community.

Donate to Receive a Signed Copy of "Sometimes Love!"

When you make a minimum donation of $40, you can receive a copy of "Sometimes Love" for your child or make it a gift for another.

Operation Storybook Raises Awareness for the Support Dogs on Deployment Provides to Military Families

Imagine for a moment the life of a military child: new schools, new friends, and saying goodbye to a parent, not knowing when they’ll return. Now, add in saying farewell to a furry best friend – that’s a story that tugs at all of our heartstrings. This is where "Sometimes Love" and you come into the picture. With every turn of its pages, this book weaves a tale of resilience and the unbreakable bonds military kids share with their pets, even across distances.

We're on a heartfelt mission with Operation Storybook to not just tell these stories, but to make a difference in these young heroes’ lives. When you contribute to this cause, you're doing so much more than just gifting a book. You're igniting empathy, understanding, and giving a warm hug of support to military families.

Your donation sends "Sometimes Love" to children who see their stories reflected in its pages, and helps Dogs on Deployment continue their incredible work of providing a loving temporary home for the pets of those who serve our country. Thank you for considering a donation and being the reason a military child smiles today. Let's show these families the overwhelming love and support they deserve!

Meet the Author: Katrina Moore

Watch as Alisa Johnson, President of Dogs on Deployment, explores the touching themes of "Sometimes Love" by Katrina Moore, highlighting the book’s deep connection to the challenges faced by military families. Discover how pets serve as crucial emotional supports and learn about the organization’s role in caring for these companions during service commitments through this touching discussion!

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