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It's a truth that's been shared from generation to generation: camp changes lives. At Children’s Harbor, we believe in the power of camp to give seriously ill children and their families the opportunity to build connections, courage and creativity.

Campers learn a new craft and build creativity.


Inspiring creativity is at the heart of our camp. From crafts to puzzle-solving to spontaneous dance parties, we nurture a space that marvels at the unexpected and echoes with laughter. Your gift of $50 will provide arts & crafts supplies to ignite creativity!


At camp, kids can make friends and feel accepted by others who understand what they’re going through. This helps them feel connected, fosters resilience, and creates a powerful bond within our camp community. Your gift of $150 provides one camper with the life-changing experience of camp.
The boy gets to experience the joy of water skiing using adaptive equipment.


Camp cultivates courage as kids navigate the delights and challenges of our Lake Martin campus. This accessible haven invites them to conquer fears, embrace new experiences, and genuinely express themselves. Your gift of $500 helps provide adaptive recreational equipment.

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