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May 6-11

250 for Barth Syndrome Foundation

I'm Alex Prizzi, an avid outdoors enthusiast with a passion for running, hiking, and mountain climbing. My love for long-distance running traces back to my dad introducing me to 5k races in 6th grade, an initially daunting distance that now propels me towards the challenge of the Cocodona 250mi run from Black Canyon City to Flagstaff, Arizona. As a 40-year-old, I've discovered that running allows me to explore more in a day than hiking, leading me to train extensively in my neighborhood. It was during these runs that I connected with Wyatt, my neighbor and a resilient friend. Wyatt, a high school sophomore with Barth syndrome, a rare genetic condition, stands out as a positive force in our community despite frequent hospital visits. Inspired by Wyatt's determination to raise funds for Barth syndrome research, I've decided to join him in supporting the cause. In light of my upcoming 250mi adventure, I invite you to sponsor a mile and contribute to the Barth Syndrome Foundation, an organization dedicated to advocating for the Barth community, advancing research, aiding affected families, and ultimately striving for a cure. Your generosity will make a significant impact, and I sincerely appreciate your support.

Become a Mile Sponsor!

Our mission to sponsor all 250 miles is ambitious, but with your support, I know it's possible. I invite you to become a Mile Sponsor with a donation of $25. Your generosity not only helps to reach our target but also signifies your commitment to our cause. The Cocodona 250 is a grueling race, demanding both physically and mentally. While not all 250 miles may be achieved, your donation ensures that our efforts to support individuals with Barth syndrome continue unabated.