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The Power of Story!

For almost TWENTY YEARS!

Writing helps students envision the world they want to see.

With 20 years of experience, 826michigan serves thousands of students throughout southeastern Michigan each year through free, engaging literacy and writing programs.
          It’s no secret that the global pandemic profoundly impacted K-12 students. Studies show that students lost up to two full years of academics, and unsurprisingly, those who were struggling before the pandemic have only fallen further behind since.
          At 826michigan, we focus our work on students from historically marginalized and historically resilient communities. While test scores do not tell the full picture, in many partner schools, fewer than 10 percent of students are working at grade level in reading and writing—with gaps widening as students enter middle and high school.
          826michigan utilizes community volunteers, many from local universities such as the University of Michigan, to provide students with one-on-one attention and small group work in every program offered. With the help of caring adults, students not only gain experience and confidence in writing, which contributes to academic success, but also find a community of like-minded peers and experience mentorship and social and emotional support that will feed them for a lifetime.

All of which to say: 826michigan’s programs are more necessary than ever.